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Evaluation of Day of AI 2023

March 21, 2024

Key Takeaways: Day of AI is an initiative developed by MIT RAISE in collaboration with i2 Learning to introduce educators and students worldwide to AI literacy, to responsible design and use of AI, and to implications of AI for digital citizenship and society. In 2023, MIT RAISE commissioned an independent evaluation of the Day of AI initiative to assess whether it is meeting its goal of providing a set of easily-accessible AI literacy curricula for K-12 students that can inform and inspire a generation of diverse, ethically responsible AI users and designers. The study addressed six overarching questions listed below with key findings. Data were gathered primarily using an online survey completed by 265 registrants, and interviews with 17 educators who taught the curricula to their students.

In summary, the evaluation suggests there is substantial demand from educators as well as students for high-quality, interactive, instructional materials about AI and its current and potential applications, and that educators from around the globe have successfully implemented the Day of AI curricula. Educators were almost invariably very complimentary about the quality of the Day of AI materials. Both educators and students gained knowledge about how AI works, key AI concepts, current uses of AI, and potential benefits and harms to society. In addition, learning more about AI increased their levels of optimism about the potential benefits of AI to society and about their own abilities to contribute to shaping the future of AI. The reported impact is impressive given how little time students engage in the Day of AI curriculum content relative to other topics and subjects they study.

Read the full report: Day of AI 2023 Evaluation Report_EdResearcher