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Spend a Day of AI with your students, and then join us in celebration on

May 13, 2024

A unique opportunity to help your students shape our world’s digital future…and their own.

Once you register you’ll have the opportunity to watch a training video or sign up for a virtual professional development session with our education provider i2 Learning (both optional). The videos and virtual training, like the curriculum, are completely free.

You’ll also get notified about Day of AI content, news, and opportunities for engagement and professional development. We’re planning a number of new events for Day of AI 2024 —make sure your classroom is included!

Finally, follow @MIT_RAISE on Instagram and share your own AI education ideas and classroom projects using #DayofAI.

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Our Team

We’ve developed the Day of AI team by assembling experts from various fields and from many different departments at MIT and beyond. It was important for us that we had the right team in place that included educators, research scientists, curriculum builders, and subject matter experts in Artificial Intelligence. This has allowed us to continually update materials and keep pace with the frenzied arc of AI technology – while delivering easy to use educational materials for all ages and levels of learners around the globe.


Do I have to do this on May 13, 2024?

Not at all! You may choose to run your program on any date you wish. While we are planning for many classrooms to be running Day of AI activities on or around that date, the materials will be live beforehand and also available after as well if another day or time is better for you and your students. Various events will be held on May 13 but you are welcome to run any or all of the activities on another day.

Is there any cost to participate in Day of AI?

No. All course curriculum and professional development videos are completely free and will remain free.

How do I access the curriculum?

Simply register at dayofai.org/register and we will send you a password to all the curriculum.

Bring Day of AI to Your Classroom

Give your students an opportunity to learn how artificial intelligence is already transforming our lives and how they can become part of shaping AI to create a better future world for all.