AI is for everyone.

Empower your students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a world with AI.

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Spend a Day of AI with your students, then celebrate their work on

May 13, 2024


A unique opportunity to help your students shape our world’s digital future…and their own.

Day of AI is a free, hands-on curriculum of lessons and activities designed to introduce K-12 students to artificial intelligence (AI) and how it shapes their lives. The Day of AI curriculum was developed by a team of researchers at MIT RAISE, and designed to be taught by educators with little or no technology background. These resources are free, Creative Commons-licensed, and made to be accessible to students of all backgrounds and abilities.

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Join many thousands of K-12 classrooms all over the world in a series of creative, hands-on, and engaging activities.


Learn the Basics

  • What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • What is machine learning and how does it work?
  • How will AI shape my life and that of my community?

From social media, entertainment, agriculture, travel, space exploration, climate forecasting, marine biology, sports analytics, healthcare diagnostics, to the future of work overall, AI has and will continue to have profound impact on our lives.

AI is for everyone. Empower your students with the knowledge and skills to understand how they use and create with these technologies responsibly and ethically.


Identify the Benefits and Risks of AI

  • What are the social impacts of these technologies?
  • What are important factors to consider in creating AI applications?
  • How can we ensure that AI is used safely and equitably and that everyone’s privacy is respected?

AI should be designed equitably and responsibly. Give your students the knowledge to make informed decisions about AI in their lives.


Design and Create with AI

  • What can I do with AI?
  • How do you train an application that uses AI?
  • What is the future of these technologies?
  • Why should I care?

Through engaging hands-on activities, students bring their own creativity to AI, working with both digital and “unplugged” activities to inspire them to be active, informed and creative users and designers of AI.

Students will shape the future. Inspire your students to use these technologies to create a better world.

Bring Day of AI to Your Classroom

During the second annual Day of AI on May 18, 2023 we had participation in over 110 countries, with 7,512 teachers ranging from large public classrooms in major cities to homeschooled children in rural communities.